ADP Blood Testing For Health & Performance

Experienced coaches know that periodic testing of an athlete's blood is crucicial for health and for performance, and this may be even more true for the developing athlete than it is the professional athlete. The logistics and the cost of testing, however, have been the biggest road block.


As a part of its educational and service mission, the American Distance Project has simplified and reduced the cost for the most important testing, making them available to coaches and athletes all over the U.S.  Coaches, athletes and parents can now bypass their medical doctor and order discounted tests online having them fulfilled at any LabCorp lab.

The sports specific tests most useful to distance runners and their discounted rates include the following:


CBC (Complete Blood Count) P̶r̶i̶c̶e̶:̶ ̶$̶3̶7̶, Your Price: $24 (Order Here)

CBC measures Red Blood Cell Count (RBC), Hemoglobin (HGB), and Hematocrit (HCT), as well as Platelet Count.


Serum Ferritin (Blood Iron): P̶r̶i̶c̶e̶:̶ ̶$̶7̶9̶, Your Price: $27.00 (Order Here)

Maybe the most important test of all for a distance runner, this test determines if the athlete is experiencing low body iron stores.  Unlike a blood iron test, Serum Ferritin actually measures a protein that indicates long term stores and indicates the presence and severity of iron deficiency. Iron is essential for the production of RBCs, espeially HGB, the oxygen carrying component of the cell.


Vitamin D (Bone Health) P̶r̶i̶c̶e̶:̶ ̶$̶2̶3̶2̶,̶ Your Price: $58 (Order Here)

Vitamin D testing can highlight Vitamin D deficiency that can effect bone health and contribute to stress fractures. Reduced winter daylight, lack of outdoor sunlight and sun block, as well as diet, can all reduce an athlete's Vitamin D absorption. Athletes with recurring bone health issues should test for Vitamin D deficiency.


** The ADP recommends consulting your physician if any results are abnormal.




IRON SUPPLEMENTATION: Again the ADP recommends consulting a physician about any abnormal result.  It is important to note that while low levels of iron can result in poor performances, high levels of iron can be toxic, which is why supplementaion without testing is not recommended.  The following Serum Ferritin values, which may fall within the normal range, are the values that the ADP uses to determine supplementaion for its athletes:


Below 20: Big Trouble, Requires Supplementaion & Retesting Bi-weekly

Below 30: Requires Supplementation & Retesting Monthly

Above 40: Good

Above 180: Consult A Physician


The latest research shows the best form of iron for absorption is chelated.  The following supplements are used by the ADP and can also be purchased as discounted rates through these links:



VITAMIN D SUPPLEMENTATION: The ADP follows the Vitamin D supplementation guidelines advised by the US Olympic Committee, which can found here: USOC VD Guidelines.

As with iron, high levels of VD can be toxic so supplementaion without testing is not advised. 


The ADP offers discounts on Vitamin D purchases through this link: